Sunday, May 27, 2012


In the middle of winter when the air is sharp and cold and dry as dust, I love to go sit inside the U.S. Botanical Garden. The air inside is warm and soft, fragrant. It's an oasis of summer placed on the winter landscape.

During summer, my favorite oasis is the National Gallery, a huge biosphere in which I can look at art, find something to eat, shop, or rest comfortably on nice upholstered chairs and sofas. On the hottest days I like to ride my bike down through the thick, awful air, then spend several hours inside the gallery, an oasis of cool on the hottest days.

Today is going to be another in a series of very humid days. It's been warm but today will be hot - 90 F. - and it's going to be a Code Orange day which means the air is toxic. They say it's unhealthy for "sensitives" but can it actually be healthy for insensitives? My guess is it's not that great for anyone, but not as bad as a Code Red day.

My oasis today is the chateau where I will be seeing clients all day. Of course I'll nip out between sessions for a few minutes. Even as sensitive as I am, I need to experience the bad air personally, because I am a shaman and this is what we do. Sometimes a pervasive thickness in the air means spirits are gathering - something that would make sense on Memorial Day weekend. I like to talk to those spirits, find out what's going on in the astral.

But the second I start feeling wheezy, which often happens when I breathe Code Orange air, I'll tuck back into the chateau, smooth the sheets, light a candle, switch on some nice music and get ready to greet my next client.

I'm very lucky to have access to a variety of oases on a day like today! Life is good and I am grateful. Shalom!


ellen abbott said...

yeah, summer is on us here. and the rain has stopped visiting. they say we're in for another dry summer. I see the wild bunnies out in my neighbor's yard this morning. last year they kept getting my tomatoes.

Steve Reed said...

You know, I've never been to the botanical garden in DC. I don't even know where it is! It's great you have so many terrific indoor escapes -- people in most of the country would have to go to the shopping mall!