Monday, February 4, 2008


Is time really a linear progression from then to now to the future? Yes and no. I perceive time passing, certainly, though it's never a steady progression. Some days fly by, other days dig in their heels and drag on and on. Still, anytime I look into the mirror I notice that decades have passed since I was thirty five. How did that happen? Yikes!

Sometimes, though, time loops around. At odd moments I am given a brief glimpse, as if around a temporal corner, into what will be. I've also noticed that the past sometimes comes to visit the present. Do you know what I'm talking about?

Currently I'm emailing back and forth with two old, dear friends, each of them from very different chapters of my life. Both of them found me through the internet of course. God bless the internet.

There's nothing like looking at a pic of someone you haven't seen for thirty years - wow. The impact of all the changes folks go through over time is thrilling. Feeling the rush of the years that have passed, and yet being able to access all the love I ever felt for these people, is such a blessing. The capacity we humans have for love is staggering, isn't it? Is the heart really the size of a fist? Because it feels as big as the moon to me.

Just the other day I was feeling sorry for myself because the contour of my life seems to always be about letting go, releasing, endlessly cleaning out the closet of my funky mental and emotional structures. Seems like the trash can of my mind needs to be emptied almost constantly. The reunions I'm currently enjoying with these two wonderful people have shaken me out of the poor-l'il-me state of mind. After all, letting go is the only way to create space into which marvels can arise.

Perhaps it's time to open the door of the non-metaphorical closet in my non-metaphorical room, clean it out. A thorough spring cleaning of my closet will be my offering of thanks, my dance of shamanic alignment and gratitude for the gift of reunion I'm currently experiencing. Yeah. Why not?


Barbara said...

Fortunately most reunions turn out to be pleasant reminders of why you once enjoyed each other's company. Good friends can simply pick up wherever they left off, no matter how many years have gone by. I always find that so interesting.

The internet makes it virtually impossible to hide these days. People have to work hard to remain anonymous!

Gary said...

yes, I do know what you are talking about here and agree with you. I have witnessed the odd structure of time myself and marvel at how it has marched all over my face. LOL.

Washington Cube said...

I, too, get tired of the constant re-evaluations, cleansings, clearings, projects, and yet I put myself to these tasks time and again. I suppose it's part of the growth pattern, but I fret over the lack of still time in my life. I've thought about going to some Zen group where they just sit and stare at a wall. It might be just the ticket. Then again, I've got five blog pieces waiting to be written, valentines to go out, sheets to be changed, and let's not discuss yard work at the moment.

Reya Mellicker said...

Cube, it's February. Forget the yard work!

Reya Mellicker said...

Gary, your face is beautiful, soulful, flawless and irresistable. Don't you dare talk dirt 'bout your face!

kimy said...

that is marvelous that you have been reunited with two old friends ...I've been hoping and trying to find two friends for years. despite the magic of the internet I keep hitting dead ends. one woman's name is not unique enough (and who knows she may have married and changed it)I wish she'd feel the desire to find me - my name on the other hand - well, let's say there is only one person with my name walking on the planet. the other woman changed her name when she married (later divorced) and seems to have really dropped off the planet.

hey, maybe I'll post a picture on the mouse of jenny and I and put out has anyone seen this woman?

time is a funny thing linear, spiraling, speeding and slow.

hey, I'm looking forward to a reunion with a friend I've never met in just a couple weeks - oh that would be you!!

Steve said...

I love seeing photos of people I haven't seen in a long time (or even better, the people themselves). It's amazing how we all seem to kind of come together over the years, coalescing into our real selves -- our physical selves embodying all our experiences. At least, that's how it seems to me.

Squirrel said...

I too love running into old friends and former co-workers, amazingly, even 20 years later they have hardly changed, and recognize me instantly, too--Now if they were still wearing the 1980's NYC "look" that would be aging! Those goofy clothes! But your friends are always within you, even if you haven't seen them for what seems to be ages.

Reya Mellicker said...

Yes! Love the way you described it, Steve.

Yeah the 80's - style was ... well, what were we thinking??

Moonroot said...

Great post, great photos!