Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Duck and Cover!


Here comes the eclipse, at its peak around 9:00 pm tonight, EST. Eclipses always jerk us around, it's just part of their nature, but tonight's eclipse coincides with Mercury's change of direction (went direct yesterday) and the sun's shift from Aquarius into Pisces. It's a lot of galactic shifting and changing all at once. Today and tomorrow promise to be hulkin' dudes, energetically speaking.

Already this week I've heard about sudden and devastating romantic break-ups, people getting the boot, terrible diagnoses - I'm telling you, if you're smart, you'll get under the covers, put the pillow over your head and wait until tomorrow before attempting anything.

As for myself (not so smart, but practical) I'm headed out to see the Sufi acupuncturist, after which I'll go work at the gym again, then tonight? Risotto and salad, netflix.

Actually, the gym will probably be unaffected. I'm betting that the power of this eclipse can not penetrate into the wholesome, happy, endorphin-filled space of Results. Maybe that's a ridiculous fantasy. I'll let you know.


Steve said...

Yikes! Fortunately I have nothing major planned for the next few days (actually for the rest of my life!) so I guess I should be OK. :)

dennis said...

Dennis always sings and dances through these things.

Lynne said...

Will things turn around and get better tomorrow?

I did receive sad news about my dog yesterday ... tomorrow we start a new treatment for him.

Your dinner sounds perfect. What is the movie?

Take care!

IntangibleArts said...

NOOO!!! Don't TELL people about the eclipse!

I was all set to stand on my roof tonight, wearing a huge black cloak, and wiggle fingers maniacally at passers-by, crooning:


Slight change of plans now. sheesh.

m.a. said...

I will be careful. I hope that you are too!

Lee's River/Zlatovyek said...

so that explains it...
but...yikes! I have a grandchild that may or may not be trying to be born at this very moment. Oh boy.
(what kind of risotto?)

Hammer said...

I do not fear the stars. It is the stars who should fear me!

(Err.. yeah, right. Grab your karmic Kevlar, folks - it's gonna be a bumpy night!)

kimy said...

I will cross my fingers and toes as I board my plane to d.c. tomorrow. hopefully I will be spared from the cosmic high jinx....and hopefully the navy won't be shooting down any satellites while I'm in the air! but maybe they are planning on using the eclipse as cover for their activities!

Reya Mellicker said...
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Reya Mellicker said...

There were so many typos, I had to delete my comment. Can I blame the eclipse for the mistakes? Why not?

I love each and every one of you!

I asked the Sufi acupuncturist if he could feel the eclipse. He was running late, something I haven't ever seen in the six months I've been seeing him every week. I could hear a man talking very loudly from one of the treatment rooms. From another room, a woman, looking woeful and sniffling into a kleenex, emerged from the second treatment room.

At first he said no, but then, contemplating his morning, he said, "hmm. Maybe I am! It's palpable, isn't it?"

Palpable, oh yes.

That said, Hammer the stars should be quaking in their boots because you are mighty.

And you, Intangible? I hope you do get on your roof and make threats. Sounds very cool. You, too, are mighty.

Lee - a child born tonight will be powerful and marvelous - not to worry. It's those of us who already tread the earth who are in for quite a ride!

phd girl said...

people were just as giddy as usual in Mytown. I tried to notice any weird vibes, but same same. I did overhear one lady saying her husband did not deserve any chocolate or treats of any kind though, while her friend was buying some dessert item. That was negative.

maybe things are weird in the pubs now.(??? could be) I am at home about to curl up with a book.

Squirrel said...

hey I watched the eclipse starting about 5mins to 9pm
very cool --what does it mean when Mercury goes direct or is in retrograde?

lettuce said...

i'd like to be under the covers with the pillow over my head.

your new avatar and mosaic pics are fab Reya, I love seeing more and better pics of you and can't wait to meet you soon.
hope the new job is going well.

Absolute Vanilla (& Atyllah) said...

I so cannot believe I completely forgot not only the full moon but also the eclipse!

Strangely enough though, I haven't been affected at all - and I'm usually terribly sensitive to a full moon - maybe it's because I've been in the gym and on the mountain! ;-)