Thursday, May 16, 2013

The grandmothers are fighting

I could write about Angelina Jolie, but I'll leave it alone. I'm triggered because of a client who went through the same process and suffered terribly as a result. It's none of my damn business.

I'm far happier to focus my attention on Col. Hadfield, now back to earth after more than 5 months on the space station, He continues to tell his story on FB and I assume on Twitter. I am a sucker for a good teacher and he is a great teacher. I am a Col. Hadfield groupie!

He knew the price he would pay for spending all that time weightless, high above the earth where he had - without a doubt - the BEST view ever. I keep thinking about how, for him, it was well worth the pain and disorientation he's now enduring. He didn't walk into this blind. He knew it would be a fuck of a re-entry, but said yes anyway.

He says he's dizzy. Good lord, who wouldn't be! His lips and tongue feel heavy when he tries to talk. Can you imagine? I cannot, and I've been trying. My tongue feels weightless. It can wag for hours on end, till I'm hoarse and exhausted. My tongue can go all night, I tell you, as if weightless.

For sure: the higher you fly, the harder you will fall. So true! But sometimes it's well worth the crash and burn. His extreme situation is well worth contemplation especially by those who dream of, or espouse, the idea of finding balance and then staying balanced, or staying grounded. Who can do that?

My guess is we'll hear a lot more from him, about the "wonder of it" - his time in space. I look forward to that. I can't stop thinking about what he is dealing with, coming to terms with gravity and all that process entails. The brass tacks of readjusting to gravity are of great interest, of course. I'm also thinking about what it means, the metaphors. If it were a dream, what would it mean? Well, wow. The mind boggles.

How I wish I could work with him, do some Reiki, craniosacral balancing, chakra balancing and polarity work. After he comes back to himself a little bit, I would add therapeutic massage into the equation. I would send him to the Sufi acupuncturist for sure. I would get him outside so he could breathe fresh air and gaze purposely at the sky. I think it would really help him to look up to the place where he was for such a long time. He probably needs a soul retrieval, too.

I have a health plan for Col. Hadfield. Ah. None of my business, eh?

Very fun, sticking my big nose in other people's business.

The Voice in the Shower this morning said The grandmothers are fighting. I've been thinking about it all day as it's a much more obscure message than I usually receive. There's a lot going on, so much it's hard to keep up with it all. The fighting grandmothers may refer to the feeling of chaos and change that lies just under the surface of "reality" right now.

At the moment, nothing is boring. Even the grandmothers are making an unholy racket. All I can say is: wow.


Steve Reed said...

Col. Hadfield IS a great teacher. Maybe you can send him some reiki from a distance. Is that even possible?

I love that last shot of the street with the roses in the foreground. I miss DC in the summer! (Well, OK, spring.)

Meri said...

I am letting "the grandmothers are fighting" sink in, so I can process it from the collective unconscious.