Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Memorial Day is done and I am back in the land of the living. It seems just right that I'm heading out, this weekend, to (of all places) Indianapolis. I'm going to attend the wedding of a friend who has seen her share of romantic ups and downs. At last she will marry the love of her life. It's a very romantic story.

It's a Catholic wedding which will be very interesting for me at least. Most of the weddings I've attended - including the weddings at which I've officiated and my own wedding - have been modern affairs designed around the preferences of the bride and groom. A Catholic wedding doesn't allow for the personalities of the couple. It is what it is. I love tradition as much as improvisation. My guess is that I'll learn a lot from attending. Fun!

I look forward to the wedding itself, to staying in a venerable hotel (though renovated and now described as a boutique hotel - interesting term), and to seeing a friend who is also coming in for the wedding, someone who moved to Texas last year. It will be good to catch up with my friend, to meet family and friends of the bride, to wander around downtown Indianapolis and - you know - take pictures.

A change of venue is refreshing and getting out of DC during the summer is crucial.

Today I'll run errands and get organized for the trip. Tomorrow I'll spend with a good friend who's visiting from Cleveland. And then I'll be outta here for a couple of days.

I love my buddies, the soldier ghosts, and I honor the living veterans of all the wars.

Good to realize how much better I've gotten about honoring the life-enhancing rites of those of us still embodied. Cheers!


Steve Reed said...

Indianapolis -- interesting! A place I've never been. I look forward to hearing your stories. Beautiful peonies, as if there were any other kind.

ellen abbott said...

It would be nice if the lingering spirits of the dead soldiers could travel on. It must be pretty terrible to be stuck on a battlefield. A wedding is a good therapy, all the love and life and hope.

Meri said...

Oh my -- that peony is stunningly beautiful. I literally sucked in air when my eyes got to that place on the post. Safe journey, safe home!

Reya Mellicker said...

Ellen I used to think it was my duty to help them move on. Kinda grandiose!!

Pam said...

Yay! More wonderfulf Reya photos from your part of the world coming up. I enjoy seeing the U.S. through your eyes, and I've never been to Indianapolis.

Susan Carpenter Sims said...

I too "love tradition as much as improvisation." I'm sort of a closet Catholic wannabe, truth be told.

I didn't realize you've officiated weddings - is this something you still do?

Reya Mellicker said...

Susan - me too! All that ceremonial magic is so cool, especially when they did it in Latin.

I'm a minister of the Universal Life Church. Sent in my $50 long ago. What qualifies me to officiate is my training in public ritual. I'll post a link on your FB page.