Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hang Ten, because the eclipse is here. Wheeeee

Tomorrow, somewhere over Borneo I think, there will be a "ring of fire" annular eclipse. Astronomers are buzzing about it, of course, but so are we astrologers. Every astrologer has an opinion about celestial events as dramatic as this.

Astrology is the poetry and philosophy of astronomy, every bit as true (whatever that means) but not mechanical or dry. We use the same calculations astronomers use, but instead of thinking in terms of data, we open our hearts. We hope to discern meaning from these configurations. It's complicated. Also, just as with any art, interpretation varies according to the practitioner.

I love reading what other astrologers have to say, whether or not their interpretations resonate. I like astronomy too, the precise way that the tunnel vision of science can nail down the details of these dramatic configurations.

Until recently, there was no differentiation between the two facets of the study of the sky. I think both astrology and astronomy have suffered as a result of the split. It's a darn shame.

I'm thinking about it because I'm doing a pretty decent job, so far, riding the energy of tomorrow's eclipse. Today I met an old friend for lunch. He is someone I've known since the early 80s. He and I have been through a lot together. We're very different people, but our friendship persists even with much water under the bridge and after all this time. I feel smart when I'm around this friend, always have. He's brilliant on many levels, also provocative. I love him. That he happened to be in DC on the eve of the eclipse can be filed under You-can't-make-this-stuff-up. It seems auspicious to me.

After that I met with someone who's encountering many health issues. I'm going to join his team of doctors and shamans. It's exciting because I haven't been part of a healing team for awhile, especially a healing team of such high caliber. It's an honor and will call upon me to be my best. This, too, feels significant.

This eclipse cycle is demanding of me that I stand tall, stay grounded and clear headed - and - enjoy. I can't imagine anything better.



Susan Carpenter Sims said...

Wheeeee is right!

Congrats on joining the healing team; that sounds like the potential for a very rich experience.

Susan Carpenter Sims said...
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