Monday, October 29, 2012

Slow Sandy

Both pics were taken last week, outside the Willard Hotel.

Shalom from rainy Washington DC. The epic winds that are supposed to be part of this storm have not yet arrived in DC. I'm still in my before-the-drug-kicks-in state of mind, thinking maybe it will turn out to sea, maybe it won't be that bad, maybe the weather people and satellite pictures and hurricane hunters are all wrong. 


I love having lots of time to think about things, being (as I am) a very slow processor of the vast amount of incoming sensory information that life is a body is about, though may I say here and now that too much time to think isn't that great either. My mind can get itself into a twist, spiraling inwards, creating bizarre stories, perhaps simply to amuse itself. My mind! What a character. Hence I will make my way to the Capitol Hill house of dear friends today, to hang out, watch a movie, feast and of course drink bourbon.

Before I head out, though, I'm feeling the need for a lot of coffee, which will likely propel me into a cleaning frenzy. Since I keep my house pretty clean anyway, I'm considering emptying the bathroom closet, cleaning the shelves and replacing everything in a neat and orderly fashion.

I could sit around and watch movies all morning, but this storm does not radiate not a sit-around energy. At least, not yet. But the day is young and according to the weather people, we've got at least two more days of it. 

Those of you not in northeast America, wish us well? We are not great at twiddling our thumbs. Thanks.


Elizabeth said...

Was wandering round with the dog and met a man in a crash helmet (falling branches!)
Hope you got your coffee fix and weather the storm with delight!

Angela said...

We are watching CNN, boy, I would not want to take this lighthearted. Hide in your home and stay warm! We are thinking of you!

Pam said...

Our media here in Australia is highlighting the progress of this and keeping us informed.
Last night on the 7.30 report there was an interview with a U.S. East coast meteorologist explaining just why this is happening and how it differs from Katrina, something else that received a lot of coverage here.
"This too will pass" - we know that much. Your residents are in our thoughts.

Whitney Lee said...

Maybe the coffee is what I'm missing-I feel like today is exactly a sit around and do nothing day. Of course, I'm fighting that since we may lose power and then have oodles of time to twiddle our thumbs.
I hope it's not too bad there. I'm watching the wind and rain pick up here but hope that's about all we get. We're still inside the predicted outage area, but I'm crossing my fingers they've got it wrong. At least if we lose power this time we've been forewarned, unlike with the derecho this summer!
I'm trying to avoid checking the news and weather channel too often; I find it too easy to get sucked into the pictures and stories which isn't always healthy for me. We've prepared as much as we can and have tried to gear the kids up for the potential 'adventure' we're in for.

Rose ~ from Oz said...

Stay dry, stay warm, stay safe.
You are all in our thoughts.

Steve Reed said...

Hope you're coping with the storm OK, Reya! Thinking about you!

(I love that second picture.)