Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain

Is there a difference between faith and trust? You tell me. I've been thinking about it. I think there is a difference though the words to describe that difference are eluding me.

I've also been thinking about "blind trust" and "blind faith," which are - in the Reyaverse, exactly the same thing - blindness. Both have to do with betrayal of one's heart of hearts, it's the act of ignoring that soulful depth some people call intuition. Dazzled by external or internal fireworks and special effects, it's hard to remember that in every individual, cause, or ideal, there is a little man behind the curtain. Nothing is perfect.

We want to believe in the spectacle, I guess. We as a species are quite gullible, quite suggestible in the presence of perceived glamour. It's sobering to think about.

Blind trust and blind faith occur when people won't, can't and just don't continually question what is "real." I admit it is exhausting to continually wonder, good lord it certainly is. Of course it's tempting to let someone else decide what we should trust, what to believe in. Some of us who find the contemplative life unappealing turn to celebrities to guide us, or religious figures. We also turn to our leaders. Blind faith seems like it could be such a blissful state. After all, ignorance is ... but what I notice is that the blindly faithful are almost always fearful and suspicious. It doesn't really work.

Faith and trust come have to come from within. Right?

Turning over our inheritance of insight so as to blindly follow others is not the only way trust and faith are obscured. Something I write about often is the unhealthy, wasteful practice of blaming others. I find the blame game so discouraging!

President Obama has beautiful hands.

Blame obscures the clear sight and clean insight needed to access trust and faith. Pointing the finger at each other, also at ourselves, is a colossal waste of energy that serves no purpose except to get people riled up. It is not empowering. It chips away at faith and trust, hardens and embitters the human heart. Bloody hell.

When leaders are very charismatic, it's easy to fall into a swoon that leads to the blind belief that they are really "together," they know what they're doing and we should turn 100% of our decision making power over to them. This happened in Germany in the thirties. That sure didn't work!

I'm reading a book right now about the world prior to the Second World War, written by a pacifist. It's called "Human Smoke," by Nicholson Baker. Whoa, or should I say wow? It is an eye opener! Good lord. The book is motivating me to re-examine all my assumptions. Again. Yes, again.

I'm compelled to question my assumptions continually. It's strenuous but this is the path that leads (maybe) to the clear eyed faith and clear eyed trust I seek. It is my path.



glnroz said...

i like your mind,,,i dont always comment,, but you have a way of seeing through the the BS (ba-lone-ee),, sometimes a person can then see "both sides"...reckon?

Reya Mellicker said...

At least, Glenn!

Angela said...

Maybe due to our German history (yes, most certainly) I am very wary of people`s words. Look at their actions, is what I say. And besides, who needs a guru? We have all the wisdom in ourselves, it is there, we just have to trust our own feelings and the thoughts that come to us. (Blind)Faith is just a way of turning over responsibility. Trust comes with knowing a person a long time, but it should never be blind. Who ever thinks that celebrities should be "followed" is denying the fact that these people usually are very self-centered.
Stuff to think about, thanks Reya!

Reya Mellicker said...

Thanks Angela. Blind faith is irresponsible! Cool. And so true.

Kerry said...

I'm so tired of the blame game in politics. It has not helped move us forward in any way.