Friday, October 5, 2012

You can't make this stuff up

Shalom from beautiful, crisp, sunny Washington DC.

I'm not the first nor will I be the the last person on our beautiful planet to notice the things that, in our society, we call coincidences. I prefer the term synchronicity (thanks Uncle Carl).

Those who identify with the idea of coincidence tend to dismiss the interconnections among all things. Those of us who like the idea of synchronicity believe, in our heart of hearts, that All is One; everything in interconnected at many levels and through the dimension of time. Synchronicity is ongoing, ever present. Sometimes, we busy, hard working, easily distractible homo sapiens notice the connections. That's coincidence, at least it is in the Reyaverse. It's when we notice.

We of the shamanic lifestyle practice noticing space/time interconnections. The world I live in is so interesting!

The tapestry of time/space/stuff is not only interconnected, but impossibly complicated, so, although every synchronous event has meaning, we can't explore all of the connections. If we did we would never get the dog walked, the laundry done and so forth. We would be unable to care for ourselves, we would sit in slack jawed trance all day. This is why mystics go on retreat sometimes. In more extreme cases of mystical inquiry, shamans and mystics go live on a mountain top so as to have more time to contemplate the mysteries. That's great, I guess, though I think in this form, as human beings, we're supposed to engage with the world most of the time. My opinion.

Mastery of the art of reading the subtle energies, for those of us who are not called to live on a mountain top, has to do with choosing which synchronicities are worthy of notice, then focusing and delving deep when we have the time to do so. I love the idea that we have to be discerning in order to function well as mystics. It seems oxymoronic, but it isn't. Paradoxical? Yes, of course.

Lately I've been dancing at the center of a spiraling wheel of synchronicity. Many of these coincidences are worthy of notice, so I've been thinking hard about where I want to devote my precious moments of mystical contemplation. For sure I'm going to be thinking about a very old debt I have finally cleared, thanks in no small part to a real miracle. The coincidence of clearing this debt is that it means someone I love very dearly can now move forward with important ancestral work which has been, as she said, "heavy on her head." Coincidentally, her ability to move forward now that she has the money will provide ample opportunity for healing for both of us. Wow.

Another synchronicity - one I will not contemplate further - has to do with the fact that the second I moved the Shiva Nataraj (Shiva dancing in a ring of fire) out of my "fireplace," the weather changed, just like that. Literally within a ten minute period after I moved Lord Shiva, the cool breezes blew in. You can't make that stuff up, and yet, should I devote time to meditating on it? I think not.

I'm glad, though, that fall is finally here. Cheers!

The sky wasn't actually green. Took this with the iphone. Very fun color interpretations.


Jinksy said...

Whatever the colours, that is glorious, and how right you are about the links within everything... Thank you for putting it succinctly here today. :)

Reya Mellicker said...

That was succinct? Thank you Jinksy!

Pam said...

Many times coincidences astound me. I find myself thinking "there's more here than meets the eye".
Stunning Autumn photo Reya.

Steve Reed said...

I'm glad too! I think pondering all the connections in our lives is a worthy pursuit, but like all pursuits, it has its limits.