Sunday, December 2, 2012

A few happy updates, that's all.

Psssst! Hey, gods of the early winter storms, take note: It would be so nice to get a regular winter storm including rain and some wind to knock down the remaining leaves. Yes? C'mon.

The stalker stayed away yesterday, I'm happy to report, hence my clients' sessions went smoothly, without rude interruptions. It has to be unnerving to lie on a treatment table, undressed, vulnerable, while someone bangs relentlessly on the door just a few feet away. Good lord. One of yesterday's clients recently lost her son to cancer. A second client has been in excruciating pain because of a bulging disc. These people really needed an hour of peace on the table. I, too, enjoyed a peaceful, productive day. I had no reason to call the police (who are, may I say, so sweet, encouraging and protective towards to little old ladies like me), and was able to sleep soundly last night. Yes. Thank god!

This morning is misty, moisty and foggy, a weather situation that results a cinematic landscape. Everything looks soft, both silvery and gold. Beautiful. I'll get out in a awhile, take some pictures before my first client arrives.

The stone for my mother's grave was laid yesterday. OK. Wow. I was curious about the process, how the stone is laid but am fine that it's in the ground. It's a feeling of relief, knowing it's there at last. And of course, I found a how-to video on youtube. That mystery of how stones are laid is solved. Now I'm on to researching the unveiling ritual, something I knew nothing about until last night. It's the unveiling ritual that my sister and I will enact when I'm there.

All of my nearests and dearests will be around the weekend I'm in KC. It will be a wonderful reunion. I can't remember the last time I so looked forward to a trip out of town.

Life is good, and I am grateful. Shalom.

Dried out, but still trying.


Steve Reed said...

Glad things are headed in the right direction, Reya! I'm sure it's a relief to know the stone is in place. Still eagerly looking forward to hearing about your trip.

Linda Roberts said...

"little old lady"?!! R i g h t... hardly! I am glad that they are assisting you, though. Sounds like an uneasy mix of scary/sad (stalker, I mean). And I want to add my appreciation of your writing and photographs. I grew up just outside of DC, love to visit the city, don't often have the opportunity, so your pictures make a trip without leaving here possible.

Pam said...

Do you know it's been over 35 years since I visited Washington DC, so like Linda I always appreciate your photos. Glad to read of your happy updates - though the 35 years ago thing does make me feel a bit 'little old lady' myself!!!