Saturday, February 11, 2012

When it rains it pours

It's gray and gloomy and chilly today - a perfect day for a funeral? What is a perfect day for a funeral anyway? Maybe instead of thinking in terms of perfection I should say the weather is dancing in shamanic alignment with the event. Today's funeral is not as sad an event as recent deaths occurring within my circle of neighbors, clients and friends. The woman who died, the mother of a friend, was very old, very sick and has been on the verge of passing away for several years. This is as it should be. Still, it will no doubt be a somber affair. Given the gloomy weather I'm glad I'll be wearing something colorful. The suit can wait for another day.

After a day of intense work yesterday, and given the onslaught of craziness all around recently, I decided to kick back, watch some stupid TV. The new episode of NCIS was available for streaming, so I tuned in, expecting to see a murder mystery solved by the wacky characters on the show. But NO, the plot centered around a moment in which the life of the main character flashes before his eyes as a bullet speeds towards him. He is between life and death through the whole episode.

For heaven's sake!

Have a calm, lovely Saturday, y'all. Please don't die, OK? L'chaim.


ellen abbott said...

Well, you wanted some stupid TV and you got it.

Clear and cold here. I guess winter is not done with us yet.

Jo said...

I'll try my best, Reya. Of course, as we know, we can't make any promises on that score, can we?

I know you'll balance out the sober part of the day with some laughter, as well.

It is as it should be. ♥

Reya Mellicker said...

Ellen you are right! I should have said I hoped for stupid TV not centered around the mysteries of life and death.

Reya Mellicker said...

Thanks Jo. Hang in there!

Kerry said...

I have no intention of dying. Uh-uh. Not yet! Some other day.

One of these days I must watch NCIS, although I don't know what that stands for. Once in awhile I watch stupid TV also. Really dumb stuff.

It's often gray here in Oregon, as you know, because you lived here for awhile. There are many people who can't take the gray, but I soak it up...don't know why. It is a soft color, reminding me of kittens, velvet, pussy willows...somehow I have blundered through life with no negative thoughts about gray-ness.

Rose said...

I came across this, this morning and thought of you....

Steve Reed said...

Hope the funeral was...well, whatever funerals are supposed to be.

(LOL @ Ellen's comment!)

Reya Mellicker said...

yeah, Ellen has a way of spitting out the truth, indeed. That is just one reason I love her.

Thanks, Rose.