Thursday, February 2, 2012

Soul Train

Even for an energy whore such as myself, this week has been a bit much! Yesterday a very dear friend's mother died. Today is the funeral for the young woman who died Monday. Good lord, the wind blowing through the pearly gates between this realm and the next is fierce. Every gate is wide open, it seems, at least in my little corner of consensual reality. Don Cornelius? Really?

These deaths - also a miscarriage and a number of pet deaths - clustered together this way, are provocative, but not in a bad way. One of the hardships of growing old is witnessing the passing away of the generation into which we were born. Icons such as Don Cornelius, peers, celebrities and pretty much every one of the greatest generation - our parents, aunts and uncles - are gone or going.

I'll admit to being a bit unnerved by it all. And ...I turn 59 in eleven days. gulp.

Y'all, life is short. Don't wait to live well! Please be as happy as possible, enjoy. It flies by, it does. Wow. Or should I say whoa?


X said...

Happy belated rebirth day! And lucky we all are you survived that crash and walk between worlds, and see the spirits of the dead in this life.
It is a heavy burden sometimes I imagine.
It is also that heavy time of year, wet snow time, heavy winter clothing,, heavy winter root foods.
But so soon crocus will chirp their purple colors like baby birds. The circle of life reborn.

Reya Mellicker said...

It has not been wintry or snowy or icy in any way this year. A very weird year!!

Thanks for the rebirth greetings!

nerima roberts said...

Reya, I'm 53 (I think), so I'm not yet looking at the big six-oh. I'm looking forward to your blog posts as you you approach 60 next year.

Steve Reed said...

It's true -- life IS short. And as much as I remind myself of that, I wonder if I'm living it as fully as I could. Perhaps it's a doubt we all have! I was sorry to read about Don Cornelius too. I bought Soul Train on DVD at a Smithsonian gift shop in 2010!

Pauline said...

Life is short but it's wide. I like Winnie the Pooh's comment when Piglet announced "today" when asked what day it was. "Oh good," said Pooh. "My favorite day."