Monday, December 19, 2011


Vaclav Havel AND Kim Jong Il dead on the same day? A friend remarked on that, on how completely opposite those two leaders were. Somehow their passing feels apt here at the tail end of a year in which so many entrenched leaders set sail either from their thrones of power or from the world altogether.

The pics of Gaddafi dead in a freezer in a shopping center were iconic, spooky, and surreal, yes? I say yes.

From the Arab spring to riots in England to Occupy Wall Street, it has been a year of serious upheaval. I've said it before but it bears repeating: this is how it was during the 60s - out of whack, upside down, exciting and dangerous, as if the whole world could go up in flames in a hot second.

When I was in massage school, my great teacher Judy Topaz used to say, "REYA! Look at STRUCTURE, not energy!" She repeated that many times, until it finally sunk in that I was going to be contending with muscles and bones in addition to auras. It was quite a revelation.

Nevertheless it is my tendency to look at the energetics of any situation. What this year looks like to me is the tower card in the tarot.

Vaclav and Kim are gone now. May they heal and fly high.

As for the rest of us still inhabiting planet Earth, I wonder - what next? It's very exciting!


Angela said...

Yes really, WHAT a year! There are other years where seemingly nothing much happens, and then there is suddenly one like this. You did not even mention Russia - things are starting to cook there, too. Just today I read a thoughtful article by a young Russian journalist who said, When in last year`s big fires the government did not raise a finger to help us, we suddenly thought, Hey, what do we need such a government for? WE are the people! A new thought for us!
It was the thought that 21 years ago opened the Berlin Wall.
Who knows what else it will bring.
I keep thinking that blogging and communiacating on the internet has a lot to do with it. Each of our voices is heard! A really new thought!
Maybe even in North Korea???

C.M. Jackson said...

This year flew....thinking of the great chain of being and who will be taking each mans place...2012 here we come!

Reya Mellicker said...

Angela I should have mentioned Russia. In the current issue of the New Yorker there's a story about Russian activists, with lots of amazing portraits of these people, mostly young, out there doing good deeds.

The internet has been central to the big movements this year, absolutely.

Reya Mellicker said...

The great chain of being. I love that phrase.