Saturday, December 10, 2011

Age appropriate dream

In my dream last night, The Skull was after us. It was kind of like a Terminator skull, kind of like a human skull and kind of like The Scream by Edward Munch. We ran from The Skull, ran like hell should say, barely escaping it time and again. "We" = the anonymous dream people and I.

But we gathered our resources, we smashed The Skull into a million pieces, afterwhich we headed straightaway for the bank where we deposited the shreds in a safety deposit box. Together we walked down to the Potomac, threw the key triumphantly into a faster moving current.

It was a scary dream. I was clenching my jaw, my fists - I woke up stiff, yet for some unknown reason, happy. In fact I awoke laughing. Oh yeah, The Skull WILL get me at some point, not today, at least so far. Sometimes my dream imagery is rather pedestrian. I could, perhaps, have portrayed Death somewhat more poetically, less literally.

While I was wondering about that, the chateau ghosts rushed towards me, swearing they had not sent the bad dream. I mean really - was I even worried about that? No I was not. Though annoying, the chateau ghosts are harmless. Dudes, it's OK. It was a dream of aging and mortality - exactly the right way for my psyche to begin to get ready for the inevitable. Don't worry! We're good.


Reya Mellicker said...

Or maybe I was dreaming about the lunar eclipse. Who knows?

Pauline said...

Your photos always amaze me - love both the view of the capitol through the trees and the tree ready for loading.

I'm hoping it was the lunar eclipse that caused us both to have death dreams... having something else as the root cause besides my own psyche is a stress reliever!

Reya Mellicker said...

Pauline I love blaming the planets for just about everything. They are very large bodies who don't really care what we think.

It's encouraging to know you had a death dream too. Wow. Maybe it was in the air.