Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Get out, Reya.

The dog is not imprisoned, just hanging out in the Clothes Encounters window at Eastern Market.

It's cloudy and cold today, but I'm about to gather my wits about me, get out there and walk around a little bit. Working at the chateau is excellent in every way except some days I don't get out of the house, other than maybe for a few minutes here and there between clients. It's kind of a problem.

My father was agoraphobic, hence I'm always on the lookout for symptoms. I believe in my case too much time inside the chateau has more to do with bad time management than an irrational fear of public spaces - thank goodness.

On days like today I wonder if it would behoove me to get a dog. During Jake's long life, I was outside two or three times a day every day. Or perhaps I should not place the onus on some poor canine. Maybe what I really need to do is try to become more organized. I could schedule outdoor time just as I schedule my clients.

God I hope it doesn't come to that. How sad would that be, to have to book a walk into my schedule? For heaven's sake. Kicking it into gear now. Shalom, y'all.


C.M. Jackson said...

you go woman---feel the sun on your face and the chill in the air

ellen abbott said...

I have days when I don't venture outside, when it's cold and wet or cold and windy. And there were days this long hot dry summer I barely ventured out. Sometimes being snug in the house is good.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

it is chilly and wet here - which has so far kept me indoors but i think it's time to put the plastic cover on laurence's wheels and get out for our daily dose of fresh air! sinced laurie is still getting around on all fours i guess he's my canine equivalent!

Reya Mellicker said...

Here's what's funny - everywhere I walked today, someone was screaming their head off - little kids having total meltdowns that I could hear from several blocks away, someone in the supermarket who just lost it and started yelling at a clerk, then some guy rushing to get on the subway slammed into a woman. He yelled, "GET OUT OF THE WAY!" and shoved her. But she was a big ole urban black woman who shoved him back - hard.

He missed the train; I thought maybe there was going to be a fistfight, but eventually he backed down. She was tall, muscular, and not at all intimidated. It was kind of cool.

Kerry said...

Oh man, my walks/runs are so different from yours. There is nobody to scream. Sometimes I wish there were. A big city like yours is so full of stories.

One reason we have dogs is so that we get out. When our last dog became old, and slow, we had to get another. On our walks, I had one arm stretched out behind me (the old dog) and one arm stretched out way ahead (the puppy). I love being out and about, and the dogs make sure that I don't skip a single day of it.

Steve Reed said...

I wish I could send you my dog -- the one who spent two months on diuretics. She gets me outside WAY TOO OFTEN!