Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I believe it's Wednesday. Is that right?

Brother Wind is blustery and bossy this morning, blowing hard. However since this is my last completely unencumbered day of 2011, I am determined to get out there, walk around, enjoy the empty streets and shops, take in some beauty.

The Hope diamond has been placed in a new gallery at the Natural History Museum. Maybe I'll go for a tete-a-tete with that huge, beautiful stone. I love the museum but avoid it at all times except during August and the non-week between Christmas and New Year's. At every other moment of the year, the place is screaming with people, either families with their kids or school groups, or both - as it should be, I think.

Maybe I'll go to the movies, or maybe sit in a cafe somewhere, eavesdrop on conversations ongoing at tables around me while I pretend to read The New Yorker. The good cheer that attends the gathering of families for the holidays wears thin after a few days of intense feasting, drinking, too many cookies and close proximity and interaction, hence people in cafes are either power struggling with family or venting to friends about whatever it was that bugged them most while family was in town. Perhaps it's evil of me to enjoy listening to these conversations.


No matter, it's a day completely free and clear of commitments. There is spaciousness in the form of open, unstructured time all day today. I've got my camera and tech gloves, a warm coat and hat. So what am I waiting for? Ahhhhh. I am smiling.

Hope your day is lovely as we slog onwards through the non-week.


Steve Reed said...

Sounds like the perfect day, Reya. Wish I was there to join you! :)

ellen abbott said...

Oh, me too. This week is totally unstructured. I keep thinking of all the things I ought to be doing...getting out there and enlarging the garden during this (probably) last week of temperate weather, starting a new model for my botanica series, update my website, even clean house...but all I want to do is sit around and read. I should just relax, it's likely the only vacation I'll get.

Suse said...

So nice to "meet" you, too. Don't we live in such an amazing city? !

Reya Mellicker said...

Steve if you were here, we could also go for a drink at a hotel bar. Wouldn't it be fun?

Ellen try to chill ok? You too Suse!

The Bug said...

I'm finally back at work & reading blogs. Boy were Mike & I ready to come home! Tired of family AND each other after a week of togetherness. It's good to have a job to go to - don't know how Ellen & Marc manage :)

Lynne said...

Fab photo, Reya! I also love the new clean & fresh look of your blog! It looks great!

Whitney Lee said...

Nice layout.
I hope you've enjoyed your day. I have had the most massively non productive day. I have read a book (yes, the entire thing-not that it was terribly long) and taken one of those 3 hour naps where you wake up not sure if it's day or night. Fortunately the kids were also napping. It has been completely fabulous. I need one of these days about once a month to recharge.

Reya Mellicker said...

As disorienting as they are, I love the occasional hard sleep mid-afternoon. It's restorative in a very particular way.

Hey Dana, welcome home! I see now that everyone pays a price of some kind while celebrating the season. It's a huge passage into deep winter. No wonder we make such a fuss.