Thursday, September 19, 2013

You may say I'm a dreamer.

In last night's dream, I was being taught how to use spheres made from glass and jade for healing. The night before that I dreamed I was receiving a tattoo of the dove from the biblical story of the flood, the dove that returned with evidence of land. The tattoo was on my breastbone, dead center between my breasts. The funny part was waking up to discover a mosquito bite there. It must have been itching while I slept, but still.

I could go on. I've been dreaming like crazy lately and these dreams have a very different quality than my usual nighttime programming. Problems I often have in dreams are solved and I'm contending with something new. Instead of searching for my car in the dream, I'm in the car. The other night in the car, an old lady was behind the driver's seat. I wanted her to stop the car but she was driving back up to the finger lakes. When I demanded she stop, she said, "You're no fun." Ha!

Coincidentally this string of powerful, numinous dreams is simultaneous with my reading of Robert Moss's Dreamways of the Iroquois. I'm learning a lot, especially in terms of shamanic perspective. For instance, he talks about how our animal spirit guides hunt for us. I always thought I had called for them, asked, prayed for their assistance. I thought they heard the call and came to help. I believe in a reciprocal multiverse, but had never thought about it before. It's true that every one of my animal guides presented itself to me. They must have been looking for me. It's entertaining to think about.

One thing I find tedious are the chapters of personal narrative - how he came to be a shaman, especially. Who cares? Even more tedious are the numerous anecdotes meant to prove he's a REAL shaman. I do not need convincing.

Still the book is inspiring me to dream many fantastic dreams. According to the Iroquois, that means I'm a REAL shaman. Hell yeah. I'm down with that for sure!

It's another perfectly beautiful early fall day in DC. I'm out of here in a minute to walk and wonder about my dreams. Tonight I'm cooking dinner for friends. The city has settled in the aftermath of the mass shootings. We got over it rather quickly, as a city. These mass shootings are part of the American experience now; we have to adapt. But how sad.

May you stay away from crazy people with powerful guns!

May your day be sweet and dreamy. Shalom.


Pam said...

I was told in a dream for my daughter to wear the stone chalcedony for healing....and yes, crazy dreams here too after a long drought of dreaming. It's so dull not dreaming, or not remembering them.
Unfortunately the rest of the world waits for the next massacre in the U.S. knowing that the powerful gun lobby over there stifles congress on any moves for reform. Sad.

Reya Mellicker said...

The gun people are a cult. It's scary.

My dreams last night were boring. It comes in waves, doesn't it?

Kerry said...

I forget my dreams before waking, usually. Darn.

It's strange how such an awful thing like a shooting can happen & somehow within days it heals over, kind of. Still it changes things, like water eroding a bank and changing the overall shape. We all move on, but the edges have changed. Thinking about this a lot today.