Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I hate guns

The problem I have with the Law of Attraction is that it makes it seem easy, as if all you have to do is focus clearly. Sure, sure. Focus clearly and everything you want will come to you in the blink of an eye. Really?

The mind is powerful, it surely is.  But, umm, everyone's mind is powerful. When I think of the traffic jams of competing wishes and prayers out there, clogging up time/space like the Monday morning commute, I have to laugh. It's a wonder anyone's dreams ever come true. For heaven's sake. Oh that Abraham Hicks - he is a consummate snake oil salesman.

I dream of a U.S. that is not gun focused, gun centered and gun crazy. I've visualized it clearly so many times. I have prayed, I have called on the angels and wise ancestors to help us. My focus increases after mass shootings, of course, but I live in a violent city. It's always on my mind.

It's not just me. I'm not the only one who wishes we could slow the number of gun related deaths in the U.S. But the grip of gun madness is intense. None of these murders, even of the school children in Connecticut, seems to put the tiniest dent in the madness. Gun madness is a powerful demon served by many Americans. It scares me.

Of course I'm thinking about it in the wake of yesterday's mass murder shootings at the DC Navy Yard, about a mile from the chateau.

All morning the sirens wailed as police, EMTs, fire trucks and other emergency vehicles raced up and down 8th street. At first I thought, summer is over. But after awhile I realized something horrible must be going on. Sadly, I was correct.

In the U.S., guns are at the center of a very creepy cult. Gun people are scary. They would rather have everyone heavily armed, including people who are crazy, than allow for the wisdom of restricting access. They are slaves to their guns. There is nothing rational in the way they talk about guns. Scary.

Today I'm going to turn around my anger and instead try to send healing to the families of the victims. I'm lucky to have the day off. I'll walk and look at the beautiful blue sky. I'll go grocery shopping (one of my favorite comfort behaviors) and cook something delicious. I might make an apple pie, too.

I will give thanks that I was safe yesterday, that I didn't happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. I will dream and pray that as a nation we wake up to this disease of gun lust, try to turn it around. I don't believe in the Law of Attraction, but I have to pray. I just have to.


That's the chateau reflected in my coffee cup.


ellen abbott said...

It's no surprise or mystery that the most war mongering nation on earth is obsessed with guns.

Kerry said...

I'm just so sad, and I'm nowhere near a terrible shooting like this.


That's not even true. I live 55 minutes from Springfield, where Kip Kinkel carried out the first school shooting in my memory. We've made less than zero progress since then, and that is awful.

Apple pie sounds about right.

junkthief said...

I didn't know until recently that guns are almost twice as likely to be used for suicide than they are for murder. That doesn't diminish how bad they are, it just further demonstrates that owning one is not likely to be a means of defense.

Pam said...

I just don't get the gun madness and never have. From the manufacture and selling of pink guns in the U.S. for little girls to learn how to shoot, to the complicated web of arms dealing around the world, by whom and for whom - even the blasting away of beautiful animal species on safari hunts, our own beautiful and unusual Australian Thylacine now extinct thanks to the gun happy - people just look for an means to express their violence - after all I guess death by stoning wouldn't be too pleasant either, not to forget Herrod's death of the Innocents by sword as a classic biblical example. Massacres - always with the human race because of the actions of misguided blood lust.

Reya Mellicker said...

I hate guns.