Thursday, August 1, 2013

Not exactly dog days

Even Dupont Circle is peaceful in August.

It's August, but ... really? Because it rained and stayed in the lower 80s today, and is supposed to be absolutely gorgeous tomorrow. I can't remember such a gentle summer here. (Hope I didn't just jinx it.)

Except for the usual summer beastliness, August is a wonderful month in DC. The citizens of the District take off for Maine or upstate New York, or they go visit family out west. It's a pressure cooker of a city; hence we must escape, we simply must -- or else. In August, nothing much goes down in DC; it's the perfect time to get the hell out of Dodge.

In August even the tourists seem to disappear for a few weeks. It's easy to visit the museums. The metro isn't jammed with people, the traffic is lighter, the streets clearer and calmer. I welcome August, especially this year.

Last summer I did not get away all summer. But this summer is different. In a couple of weeks I'll spend a weekend with dear ones at their cabin in W. Virginia, gazing at the Potomac River and partaking of their incredible hospitality. Two weeks after that, my ex housemates and I will go up to the finger lakes region of New York to stay in a condo on a lake whose name I still am unable to spell without looking it up. We're staying for five glorious days. There's a deck on the water, and a panoramic view of the lake. The moon will be dark, so if it's clear, there will be stars. Stars! Oh man, do I ever need to see some stars.

Who doesn't?

I look forward to the getaways and in the meantime I'm luxuriating in this gentle summer, I surely am!


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Pam said...

Lovely post Reya, with so much to look forward to!