Saturday, August 10, 2013

My magic cloak

Nothing makes me happier than when my mind does a 180 degree turn. When I can sincerely open my mind to a new perspective, it reminds me to re-examine my assumptions about all kinds of things. Like many people, it's easy for me to settle into my grid of values, to become so at home in one point of view that I begin to believe alternatives to what I believe must be wrong. I settle into my assumptions that then congeal around me, slowly becoming as hard as concrete. Before you know it, I've decided my point of view is correct. At that point, my grid of values begins to rust and corrode. Barnacles begin to develop. I'm locked down and rusted shut, and may I say I'm not the only person to whom this happens.

Many problems arise from the idea that there is some kind of objective reality that exists external to our ever nimble minds and hearts, a reality we somehow have accessed while many others remain clueless. That idea, that there's ONE way - to live, to worship, to create, to love - and that those who don't believe in the same way are wrong, well, that idea has caused problems for our species all the way back to our beginnings.

What's true? There are many truths. When my mind opens - for whatever reason - I am liberated. It shakes things up, creates some mental chaos (nothing new for me) and the necessity of examining core beliefs closely, even if I'm sure about them. The rust drops away, the barnacles vanish. Sometimes after a shake up, there are huge holes left in the grid of my beliefs. Depending on how much my mind shifted, a lot of restructuring becomes necessary. I must restring the warp and woof of my opinions with new strands of thought. It can take awhile to figure out how to integrate the new bits with the old grid. Do you know what I'm talking about?

I have changed my opinion of my invisibility, after a lifetime of being huffy about it. How can I blame the individuals who fail to remember me? This has happened everywhere I've lived, through most of my life. It can't be their fault! It has to be something I'm doing. Right? How is it I've never looked at this before?

Today what I'm thinking is, how cool that I can cloak myself in invisibility. Invisibility is one of my shamanic powers. Cool!

I have never consciously worked with this power. I've been too busy getting miffed because people didn't remember me. Forehead slap. Who knows what I can do with this talent once I actually practice? I'm experimenting with it now, remembering experiences in which it has come in handy. It's interesting to think about.

I really should have been a spy! Except I'm not brave enough. Same goes for being a detective. What else can a person do with the power to be invisible and easily forgettable? I'm thinking about it.


ellen abbott said...

I tried to imagine myself invisible as I sped home in the wee hours from the beach. The cop saw me anyway and gave me a ticket.

Reya Mellicker said...

Dang, man!

Steve Reed said...

It's like you have your own cloaking device. Maybe you were a Klingon in a former life? :)

Paula said...

I'm invisible too, sometimes. I know it's happening when I can't get the automatic restroom faucets to turn on no matter how much I wave my hands in front of the sensors. Also, people bump into me. Maybe we could start a spy agency together!