Monday, June 24, 2013


What do I have against the moon? Why don't I like it? I mean - what has the moon ever done to me?

I was asking myself last night, walking home from a birthday/dance barbecue. I love to dance so much. I dance around the chateau all the time but I had forgotten how much more fun it is to be on a dance floor with other people who are just as unselfconscious as I am in interpreting the music. Wow. And the music was great. DJ Adrian Loving is an artist! It was so much fun. After my wonderful day yesterday, I was feeling generous enough to question my dislike of the moon.

Why don't I like it? I'll tell you. My relationship with it is awkward. Dark moons are depressing and full moons jam my circuits. In between the extremes, there can be nice lunar moments, but those moments do not linger. The moon is moody. It's not reliable. The moon makes me crazy!

Once upon a time, when I was staying in a little house on the Mendocino coast, I sat for too long out on the deck gazing at the full moon through binoculars. After that I was unable to sleep for the remainder of the night, in spite of the magical, relaxing Mendocino air and the sound of the sea crashing into the cliff below the house. I had to keep watching, checking on the moon as if it might get lost on its way to the western horizon. At dawn I was still on the deck, watching the moon set into the Pacific.

For days after that I was out of sorts, not myself. I didn't exactly become a werewolf, but I felt the lunacy. I felt raw and emotional. The moon was in my dreams for weeks afterwards. It was way out of proportion.

Another time, at witch camp, I drew down the full moon. This is something witches do all the time but I had never tried. Apparently I did a great job. From my point of view, after I began to call her down, the moon became much larger than normal. It seemed to fill the sky. I could see every ridge and crater.

For awhile, I kind of lost track of the campers and other teachers around me. When it was over, two of my fellow teachers were on the ground, holding my feet as if they thought I might leave the planet. They looked worried. A few campers came up to me after the ritual to ask if I was OK. It must have been powerful. To this day I don't know what happened.

So you see when it comes to the moon, I have to be cautious. However there are some moons I enjoy. This supermoon, just past full as of last night, was a joyous moon reflecting a super bright Brother Sun at his apex, hanging out with his buddy Jupiter.

The light was abundant, day and night, over the weekend.

Now, Brother Sun begins his slow descent. The moon will wane much faster of course. Onwards & upwards. Shalom.

A baby picture of the super moon.


Pam said...

Interesting Reya. I LOVE the moon! Along with the stars, flowers and all those fascinating little creatures in Australia that wait for the moon to appear).
Had a dream last night where I 'rode the skies' again by the light of the moon -wonderful! Funny how one always has to be aware of the electricity wires -a major hazard and something not to be worried about in times past obviously!
" A major hitch
One fried witch
Laying frizzled
In the ditch"!!!
Your past experiences sound fascinating but a little scarey for me!

Reya Mellicker said...

The moon and I are too much alike I think. Today's theory.

So nice to "see" you, Pam. Happy winter solstice!

Steve Reed said...

Have you ever heard the music from "Rent"? There's a song performed by the character Maureen in which she repeatedly invokes the image of a cow jumping over the moon, and she cries out "Moooooon" at one point -- and your headline reminded me of that. (She also gets the crowd to start mooing like a cow.)

Steve Reed said...

If you had asked me if you liked the moon or not, I would have said yes, as much as you write about Sister Luna. I never imagined it as too powerful for you or making you uncomfortable in any way. :)

Reya Mellicker said...

Steve, that is interesting. I have not heard the music from Rent - but I should!

Did you moo like a cow?

Washington Cube said...

I love seeing a pretty table and knowing people have gathered to be together and talk and (hopefully) be pleasant to one another.