Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Double lives

The Reyaverse is a multiverse in which there are layers of reality, layers of truth. THE truth does not exist in the Reyaverse. There are many truths.

This is not an original idea. The cosmologies of many different cultures, from all over the world, throughout time, contain more than one truth, one reality. There are three worlds, or nine. Sometimes seven, sometimes more than that.

The most recent incarnation of that idea comes to us via the astrophysicists. Here's a link to a video of the fabulous Neil de Grasse Tyson speaking about the multiverse. He is a very clear channel, as was Carl Sagan. I love the people who speak for the stars. Even I, living in a multiverse, need to be reminded that there is not some objective reality out there.

In addition to past lives, I have alternate lives. Do you? For instance, in an alternate reality I am a bass player named Reggie. I'm awkward and lanky, a bit too tall, painfully shy. I have long messy dreads, smoke weed from morning to night and never take off my sunglasses. I'm a decent bass player in that reality - soulful but not star material.

I'm not the only one with multiple lives. Think about Superman and Batman - think of Walter Mitty. I know they're fictional characters, but still.

When I work on clients, sometimes I can "see" the outfits they wear in their alternate lives. I see suits of armor all the time on mothers of young children. They are mighty, noble, fearless. I admire these women so much. Sometimes I see regal attire, or more surprising, rags, on the alternate selves of Capitol Hill's wealthy citizens. I wonder what the heck is going on in those alternate realities.

Yesterday in the middle of a session it came to me that the person I was working on had recently discarded her Navy Seal Barbie uniform. Even more startling than having this information come to me all of a sudden was her response when I mentioned it. She seemed to know exactly what I was talking about. How weird is that?

We are multi-faceted beings, we surely are. Complicated. Endlessly fascinating.

Do you have alternate identities? It's fun to think about, gives you something to do while you wait for the Metro train or while in line at the supermarket. It's creative and as long as you wonder about it with a light heart and skeptical mind, it will cause no harm. Who are you in alternate realities? Well?


ellen abbott said...

alternate lives and past lives...aren't they really the same thing? or maybe we have many lives in each universe of the multiverse. whoo. makes your head spin to think about it. I'm aware of some of my past lives...a sculptor in Egypt, a high born in a castle, a man responsible for the death of a friend because he couldn't keep a secret.

Trinity said...

I have had past lives. I consider my alternate lives contemporary and that there is a connection linking us. Many years ago i used to see a young dark little Indian girl walking far and gathering firewood for her mother to cook on. then years later I became aware of 1 of my selves healing through toning. it wasn't till years later that I realized this was the little girl grown up and found it toning existed. I knew her name was Sharma, which I later found is an Indian name.
I also had a native American little old healer woman hwo lived by herself in a cabin, Maybe Canada. She died some years ago. I have a few others, and for some reason I seem to be a gateway between them.
Occasionally we fill in for each on the astral while we are sleeping.
I'm not sure why.
I have another one called Jane hwo was a nurse in London.
All interesting.i have always lived in multiverses and wouldn't have it any other way.

Reya Mellicker said...

Trinity - me, too.

Ellen my past lives feel historical, but the alternate realities, like Reggie the bass player, feel concurrent with my "real" life. Please don't ask to me to explain how I know this.

Love your past lives.

I've been a nurse in many lifetimes, especially a military nurse. What a horrible life purpose. Good lord.

Reya Mellicker said...

Trinity do you know people in "real" life with whom you share another relationship in the alternate realities? I do. Very trippy.

Trinity said...

My first thought was how I became aware of this was a friend of mine many years ago telling me of a friend of ours was given a necklace by an old lady.. I received the info. that the old lady was a part of this friend. I could not understand it as for some time there lives were concurrent, but I knew it was a Truth.
Over the years I have seen quite a few of my own alternate lives through mind visions.
It was from reading 1 of the Seth books by Jane Roberts possibly "The Nature of Personal Reality" that this phenomenon was explained.
Honestly if you want an esoteric explanation to a conundrum, read Seth books.
Another Truth I had in my youth which mystified me was being aware of a parallel dimension very similar to Earth, but much less polluting in which I was similar in physique to me but had a domestic life and my 2 children were close friends of mine in this life.
Later reading Robert Monroe's "Journeys out of Body" clarified this life for me.
He coined a name for this place.. can't remember now, something 2 or 3.
It's all so interesting!

Reya Mellicker said...

I read the Seth books so long ago I hardly remember them, but I wasn't aware of sharing soul bits until I met the man with whom I share something absolutely essential.

We can't spend a lot of time together. The feeling is intense and so weird. We hang out occasionally. It is always a hoot.