Monday, April 1, 2013

Back to the drawing board

I went down to the Capitol again today. It was bright and sunny. My plan was to replicate my experience of the other day when a star on the crown of the Statue of Freedom caught the sun and shone so brightly, I thought they had installed a headlamp on the statue's forehead.

It was bright.

Though I was standing in the same spot, at the same time of day, in bright sunlight, I could not reproduce the experience. The statue reflected sunlight, but the stars on her crown remained invisible, in the shadows, dark.

I stayed for about an hour. I moved around, I squinted up at the sun, I thought about the geometry. I tried to figure out where the sun would have to be to strike the star, and where I would have to be to see the reflected light. It was like playing pool in a way, interesting to contemplate.

As a scientist, I was frustrated. The angle of the sun has not changed significantly since the vision, and too, I kept moving backwards and forwards, from side to side, trying to find the perfect place to view the shining star.

As an experiment, it was a wash. However, as a mystic, I'm intrigued. I'm beginning to wonder if maybe that shining star wasn't for me. I wonder if it was some kind of ... transmission ... - does that sound weird? - taking place for a purpose I will likely never know. Maybe it was coincidence that I stopped in my tracks at the perfect moment. Maybe I wasn't supposed to see it, but somehow, (because I've practiced my shamanic arts so diligently for such a long time?) I happened upon something meant for something other than my personal edification. This, too, I will never know for sure.

As a scientist, I loathe the uncertainty, but as as mystic, I'm in awe.

A big part of my training in the art had to do with training the body. I took many classes in sensate intuition. The body never lies. As for my mind, well, it may never know what happened that day. It was a genuine vision in that case, meant to provoke and mystify.

Who knows?

That said of course I'm going to continue trying to replicate the experience. Because this is what scientists do, and as much as I'm a mystic, I'm a scientist.

Happy April. Shalom.

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ellen abbott said...

Well, I was going to say perhaps it was a vision but I see you got there on your own.