Monday, April 8, 2013

Pinks, greens and yellows, at last

OK, it's here. Spring has sprung. They say it will be almost too warm for the rest of the week. I say bring it on.

I'm confident our walk at the Tidal Basin Wednesday morning will be spectacular. In the meantime, the trees are popping, the tulips are rising and everything that can, is blooming. If I could settle down sufficiently to take notice, I bet I'd be able to perceive the opening of the blossoms in real time. But I'm too excited to slow down today. Maybe tomorrow.

I bought some pretty flowering plants this morning, geraniums and some others whose names I've already forgotten, put them in pots, got organic potting soil under my fingernails. It felt so good. Then I took out the storm door, put in the screen door. Beautiful, clean, spring air is circulating through the chateau.

The birds are going nuts, too. The decibel level of chirping this morning was impressive. When I opened the windows at the chateau, it was even louder of course. Fantastic!

Every bit of my birthday malaise has evaporated. Maybe I was blaming my birthday when I should have been pointing my finger at the weather. I am one with the weather. On days like today, this union is blissful.

Welcome spring! Yeah!!


Pam said...

Gorgeous photos!
Spring is such a girly-girl.
Autumn always reminds me of an old man in tweeds with a pipe.
Enjoy your beautiful weather.

Reya Mellicker said...

Spring IS a girly girl. Fall is a tragic poet.

Happy fall to you, Pam. How are you?

ellen abbott said...

Oh those japanese magnolias are magnificent. We have them here but I don't think I've ever seen one that crowded with blooms.

Pam said...

Getting there Reya! I think Autumn here will be a good time to find my feet again with smoky Earl Grey tea and buttered crumpets!

Reya Mellicker said...

Sounds delicious.