Sunday, October 13, 2013

When in doubt, try Bach

Times are tough in DC. Even the most oblivious among us can feel the tension. The guy at the corner store dreamed bears had invaded the city and were attacking everyone. A client driving in from Virginia said she started gagging as soon as she crossed the bridge into the District. Neither one of these people, or countless others, wishes to believe they sense the tension that grows a little more strained every day the shutdown continues. But they feel it, they surely do! All of us here feel it.

I wonder, has the rest of the country gotten tired of thinking about it, ranting and/or raving, feeling angry? I'm not sure. But, anger and outrage are exhausting emotions. After awhile they run their course unless there's some kind of severe imbalance. If I lived in Denver or New Orleans, maybe I'd be thinking about something else at this point. I wonder.

The citizens of DC, by and large, would love to forget all about it, but unfortunately, we have to live with it. You could say we live IN it. The energy around the Capitol is an ugly, sludge-like, toxic stew of stalled out negotiations, rancor and boredom. I wouldn't take a walk down there for a $1 million. OK, yes - I would. But for any amount less than that, no way. The energy is sickening!

Even so, the mood outside of the Capitol grounds has lightened a little bit. The rain forced everyone to slow down, go indoors and wait it out a bit. The rain washed the city thoroughly and gently - we needed it badly. As well, anger and outrage are fiery emotions. The cool, non-stop rain probably put out a few fires. I hope so. Weekends are better, too, because people aren't supposed to be at work, hence it feels more normal, whatever that is.

I'm working a lot today, listening, in between clients, to Chris Thile playing Bach. He is nimble! Wow. Such a sweetness in his interpretation, such straightforwardness. I am digging it.

It seems auspicious that I've only in the last 24 hours switched from listening to jazz, a form that allows a lot of chaos, to Bach, which allows no such thing. Perhaps the shift means the wave of chaos that passed through my life after I got back from the lake - a wave that wiped out my camera, screwed up my phone and ipad and totalled the hard drive on my computer - has moved past. Bach is always, for me at least, about rebuilding from the ground up. Bach is a firm foundation for beginnings. Bach is organized. I am loving listening to it! May it be so that the wave has subsided.

May the chaos surrounding Congress be dispersed - or converted, redrawn - into something that's at least somewhat harmonious. May they come to an agreement this coming week. May the chuckleheads clap each other on the back and congratulate themselves on a job well done. Oy vey.

It's a hard re-start, emphasis on hard. May it be resolved this week. May it be so.



Rubye Jack said...

It is just as disgusting here in NW Washington. It seems only the wealthy are left out of this latest assault by the gangsters of DC, better known as House Republicans.

Pam said...

Not a good situation is it. Let's hope it's birthing pains to something constructive for you U.S. citizens.
It does seem though like the situation is in 'over-due date' territory, which calls for some kind of intervention, otherwise Mother Democracy while being impatient, is going to ail badly, and those toxins really are going to set in.
One thing, as an Australian, I've really learnt the difference between the Republicans, the Democrats and the Tea Party!

Reya Mellicker said...

Yes, there is quite a difference, Pam.

ain't for city gals said...

What people don't realize that live in the bubble of D.C is that this is what most of have been going through for the last five years....lost economy...little hope of jobs...really a bleak future. All of this has been happening in the small business private sector for the past years...this is what the politicians should be focusing on. The people with government jobs have had them five years longer than most...sounding bitter I know but it is reality for us.

Reya Mellicker said...

Believe me, we know. We know.

Linda Roberts said...

On Sunday I signed up with Bach, too. Just the ticket for safe travels through time.

Linda Roberts said...
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Elizabeth Wix said...

Poor old you - living in the middle of it.
I hope you are managing to survive --what a toxic stew of horror 'a putrid miasma of decay'.
Thinking of you daily.


but maybe this hideous impasse will help ALL of us rethink what we need government to do for us - or not do for us.

One thing it does need to do is basic health care.

Anyway, sending lots of love your way
and as many healing vibes as I can muster.