Friday, December 20, 2013

The Dark Side

I know that the hours of daylight are consistent from year to year. I know. But there are years when it seems like it gets dark earlier than it's supposed to. This is one of those years. Part of that has to do with how cold it has been this fall in DC - I welcome the wintery weather, I do, but somehow the cold adds to my sense that it's getting dark too early.

Perception is reality, yes? It surely is. This weekend is supposed to be freakishly warm. I wonder if that will make the days seem longer?

Between now and January 1, 2014, I'll be working a lot, socializing hard, and dog sitting. The brief, end-of-the-year days will pass quickly, I'm guessing. I'm ok with that!

These are the days of your life, the Voice in the Shower says often. The days are short, but very full. My life is very full of wonders. I'm grateful beyond belief. And yet when the nights are long, right around solstice, I feel weary. I want to sleep until spring equinox. Also, I get worried - about nothing, mostly. I think it's instinctual because my worries certainly don't reflect anything real. Worrying is a bad habit, it surely is. During the day I'm usually able to talk myself out of it, remembering that worry, too, is a thought form. But my dreams these days are full of the anxiety I so carefully reject during the day.

It's not getting dark too early, and at the moment there is nothing to worry about. Yet, perception is reality.

Tonight is the longest night. Tomorrow Brother Sun will be born anew, and the days will begin to lengthen. Hurray!

The moon refused to come into focus, but the church spire did. Spooky cool.


ellen abbott said...

I too will be glad for the days to lengthen. and I too will be very busy, not with socializing but with work and then the grandkids will be here the last week of the year and I'll be dog sitting for a week too!

Kerry said...

Eerie photos, which fit your writing. Today I am housebound by weather and choice, a good day to light some candles, bake something, read a book, take a nap. I always look forward to these days of hibernation.

Steve Reed said...

Love the church spire photo. I've been feeling a bit unsettled this winter, too, partly because of my dad's ill health -- but I'm also feeling the effects of the darkness, especially since this is the first year that I've been inside working during the brief daylight hours. I can see how people get seasonal affective disorder! I am looking forward to some sunny days in Florida. (Hopefully.)

Reya Mellicker said...

It's comforting to hear you've been unsettled Steve. At least it isn't just me. We both have our reasons, but yeah, this is one of those winters. It will pass and spring will come. In the meantime, let there be light!