Sunday, September 30, 2007

Anything New Under the Sun?

A friend of mine is reading the Harry Potter series. Each time she launches into a new book, I ask, "Is this the one where ...?" I know the story very well, but can't remember exactly who was the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, which characters were involved in which part of the story.

I was thinking that, in a way, J.K. Rowling wrote the same book over and over. Maybe that's one reason I loved the series so much. Of course it was a linear story involving the same characters, so - it's easy enough to excuse my tendency to mix the storylines.

But, I also get my Kurasawa movie plots a little bit mixed up (except for the ones I've seen at least twenty times). And Margaret Atwood's books, all of which I've read - well - her stories tend to bleed one into the next.

What about painters? Do they paint the same thing over and over? Mark Rothko certainly did. Didn't Martha Graham perform different versions of the same dance over and over again? And what about John Coltrane's improvisations? Different, and yet all of them recognizable, so in a sense, the same.

The spiral is a shape that repeats itself throughout all of nature, as is the circle, the cross. The tree shape with its extending branches is the same shape as a river with its tributaries, the branches of our veins and arteries, or bronchial tubes, the flow of lava down the side of a volcano, etc.

What is my point?

I'm wondering how the The Gold Puppy will differ from The Gold Poppy, (now deceased). Is The Gold Puppy a second "book" of my blog, or is it a completely different entity? I guess the only way to find out is to allow it to unfold.

It was so wonderful to take a big break from blogging. You can't believe how many things I learned, how much I was able to accomplish with all that freed-up energy. And, too, it's great to be back in the saddle, at least so far.

Once a blogger, always a blogger, but is it the same blog? You tell me.


Lynne said...

Welcome bac, Reya to the blogging world. You've been missed!

And a hearty welcome to the The Gold PUPPY!

What an awesome pic to start off with. I can see your hand with camera poised ready to take on the universe. I can't wait to see what journey you take us on in this blog!

Lynne said...

er, Welcome BACK ...

Barbara said...

Welcome back and welcome to the Gold Puppy. It won't ultimately matter if it's the same or different.

As for Harry Potter, I just started Book 4 and I'm already having a hard time remembering when the snake appeared or when he inflated Aunt Petunia. I'm sure there is a chronology of everything Harry Potter if I really cared. Right now, however, I'm more concerned about running out of chapters to read than about keeping it all straight. I'm totally in love with Harry and all the characters, both bad guys and good guys!

Steve said...

Yay!!!! I missed you, Reya, even though you always visited. :)

Well, this can't be the SAME as The Gold Poppy, because after all that was then and this is now! But it certainly has your style...just like Rothko's paintings all varied but kept that unique look.

I love the way this page style shows off the photos! And I'm sure Jake digs the new name.

Momentary Academic said...

Mazel Tov and welcome back.

Gary said...

"Yippee Skippy!" (To quote my nephew back in the days of his boyhood).

Your new blog looks simply stunning. How wonderful to feature Jake. The banner is great, I love it.

I am thrilled to have my daily dose of Reya - or however often you will post. I was thinking of you so much last night, hoping we could plan a get together soon and here you are with a new blog.

This is def a 'new' blog. It has a different feel for me. There is more breathing room here or more freedom it seems. Maybe it is reflective of your new reiki master status? Anyway, great to see you darling!

Anonymous said...


This is your friend in London wondering if you will be crossing over the water. Very pleased to have found your new Blogg! XX E

Lori Witzel said...

Agree with Gary -- the Pup feels more open, more "breathable," more relaxed somehow.

And fabu pic!

Of course I'll be back around...