Thursday, February 3, 2011

Yada yada yada

The sun came out for a little while yesterday.

Did I promise to interpret the big blizzard that pounded the central U.S. this week? Yikes. Didn't mean to! I connected with the storm, definitely, and I "got" something from it, but interpreting what I sense often isn't possible, and almost always sounds like stoner thinking when I try to put it into words. This paragraph is probably a disclaimer, yes?

Ever since the dragon-arrow of the solstice eclipse passed through the heart of the earth, the energy of this planet has felt (to me, at least) quite different. All I'm doing is trying to notice, just notice. What it means I can not say. Also: I might be making it all up! Who knows?

The hurricane-like superstorm that swirled over the U.S., the cyclone that just came ashore in Queensland, Australia, and other storms since solstice seem to me like a part of how the earth's aura is adjusting to what happened at solstice. See? I told you this would sound weird. In fact, it IS weird, I admit it.

I'll take one more crack at articulating what I'm feeling. When we humans take a deep breath, the fascia that surrounds the spine spirals inwards, "squeezing" and lengthening the spine. Momentarily, all the lovely curves of the spine straighten a bit. When we exhale, the fascia relaxes, unwinds, the spinal curves reform themselves. On a planetary scale, these huge storms feel like reactions and adjustments to something big that came through, similar to what happens when we breathe. Maybe.

Honestly this post is a truly pathetic attempt to describe what I've been feeling. Please forgive my inability to articulate my shamanics. For heaven's sake.

Here is my final offering to Bridgid, a good wish from a book of pagan British ballads, spells and rhymes:

Wisdom of serpent, be thine,
Wisdom of raven, be thine,
Wisdom of valiant eagle.

Voice of swan be thine,
Voice of honey be thine,
Voice of the son of the stars.

Bounty of sea be thine,
Bounty of land be thine,
Bounty of the father of heaven.

So may it be! Shalom.

At Dupont Circle. It was warm-ish! People were smiling, flirting - so unusual for Washingtonians! Spring will come again!


Angela said...

And what about the sudden outbreak in Tunisia and Egypt, the combined cry for freedom?!! THAT gives me shivers! Maybe something new IS happening on our earth, some new and unexpected windings and turns. Maybe the Mayans were seeing something coming after all? Who knows?

Reya Mellicker said...

Yep. It's all part of the same feeling of shifting I've been sensing, or at least it feels like it.

I remain in awe of the wonders and perils of this living planet.

Elizabeth said...

Spring better come!!!!
and pretty soon
we are all quite feverish with anticipation.

Vicki said...

After three days of being snowed in, I am going STIR CRAZY!!!! Bring on the warmer weather! The county won't plow our gravel roads...How ancient is that? The farmers have helped but the hills are iced over. No traveling around down here...

Vicki said...
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Reya Mellicker said...

Keep breathing, Vicki - spring will come and wow what a spring it's gonna be. I can feel the quickening underfoot here in DC. The birds are chirping like maniacs. Soon ... though ... maybe not soon enough.

Anonymous said...

Oh wouldn't it be great to say "We live in such a smiley flirty world". I know we basically do, but the amount of coaxing needed shouldn't be necessary.Harmless, good-natured flirting - I love to see it in action. A bit too shy to master it myself, but it's a delight to be a recipient.

Jo said...

The Earth's core is molten, expanding and churning all the time. Our atmoshpere expands and contracts, creating storms and floods and tidal waves. The moon tugs on us, the earthen shell erupts and cracks,and the ocean rages. It IS a living, breathing organism, isn't it? High time we recognized that.

I think you do a brilliant job at articulating that of which most have only the very slightest inkling.

Thank you for sharing your insight.

Meri said...

Flirting. . . unusual for DC? Then times are a-changing. I remember lots of flirting in D.C.

steven said...

the shifting of our home - billions of years of tangling and untangling - all bound by the same sweet loom that weaves the threads of every little existence into the one great existence. it's a frightening and lovely thing so much like the simple means of love we experience every day. steven

Reya Mellicker said...

yeah. What y'all said!

Nicole said...

I echo Vicki's comment. Snowed in and more snowed in. Although late this afternoon, a snowplow finally came around to our community. So maybe it is just the cabin fever talking, but I feel it too Reya. Seriously. Something is different and it has been, for a short bit of time now. I just can't tell what or why it is different. But it feels like the Earth is a buzz with something.

Reya Mellicker said...

Buzz is exactly the right verb. Maybe things will settle down.

Nicole said...


I think giant crickets are taking over! Just kidding, that was funny. I too sometimes forget I have music on my site. I will be working on it, writing away, thinking what the heck is that! Is someone crying or yelling or something. Then I realize the sound is turned way down and of course it is my music.

Ok not to make light, I know you are concerned or wondering. To be honest, not that I am backing out of an explanation, nor was I jumping on the bandwagon of comments over here on your blog, but I can't really tell what it is. I feel more in tune as of late, a type of energy or something, I know it sounds crazy and I assure you, I am not. (Then again that is what all the crazy people say, isn't it!)

But I have been trying to question this too as of late. At times I think it is from being too influenced by everyone's blogs and my own pursuits, maybe I am just too overly aware to the possibilities of all this "stuff", or to aware of the energy of events in our world, or feeling just too deep into things and I need to step back for awhile to ground myself. Am I explaining that correctly? Does that make sense?

I guess, I wonder, if there is anything really different at all "happening" to be felt. I say I wonder, but on a certain level, I feel that there truly IS. The feeling is pretty strong like I said, but again I can't put into true words what I am feeling, as my rational mind seems to be ignoring my more intuitive self. I am struggling to understand if I am only choosing to believe that there is something to be felt due to imagination or if I feel like this because there is indeed really something there.

I don't necessarily think whatever "it" is-is a bad thing.

But, again, this is sounding more out there-ish, but it feels that there is something in the works for us all.

I don't see or sense that everyone I come in contact with feels this, but what is surprising me, is that there have been many friends and family members who are not the least bit interested in these types of themes, discussions, blogs, spirituality, etc., such as us, who have recently expressed an awareness, or have questioned the same exact thing and have suddenly shown more of an interest within this realm. Maybe they too are picking up on something and just don't know it yet.

I think it might be the connectivity to each other, it feels stronger, more intense.

I don't know what else to say, and I know I didn't say much. Sorry I couldn't articulate it any better. I guess when it comes to connectivity we must be sharing the same thing. A loss of words.

Have a good evening.

Tom said...

and i just read in Malawi they want to arrest the citizens for breaking wind...what happens when they all let loose at once?

sorry. The Feb. poetry however is a gas.

Pauline said...

Birds feel things in their bones and animals sense earth vibrations that we can't feel. It's not impossible to believe that some sensitive humans can sense such things, too. Your last few attempts to describe what you're feeling remind me of the movie Phenomenon.

Reya Mellicker said...

Pauline I've never seen it. Going on my netflix list pronto!