Monday, December 30, 2013

A Fond Farewell

Hear ye, hear ye, the end is here.

I mean, the end of the Gold Puppy blog. I've been thinking about it for awhile now, wondering what in the hell I'm doing here these days. Most of my day to day thoughts, photos and my interactions with internet friends takes place on Facebook these days. When I post here I feel I am rewriting what I expressed more concisely on my page. I go on and on sometimes. Even so, whatever I'm trying to get across is not any clearer here than on FB.

I've got another blog where I can philosophize, shamanize, do my essay-esque writing thing. It's all supposed to be about healing on Chateau Seven. I assume even if what I feel like writing about has nothing to do with healing, I can figure out a way to make it seem like it is. So I will have blog space in which to express myself. I'm not cutting myself off cold turkey.

When Presley left yesterday, I cried for awhile. Then I went out, drank a martini and had a nice dinner. When I came home, I cried some more. And then I knew the time had come for the Gold Puppy. Everything has a life span!

Presley's visit he helped me let go of Jake to a much greater extent than I've been capable of on my own. I won't forget Jake, not to my dying day, but there has been something about my allegiance to his memory that is not exactly balanced. I feel a little raw, but grateful for the healing Presley brought. Releasing this blog is a part of the healing.

Those of you who wonder what I'm thinking about, please find me on Facebook. I am the only Reya Mellicker there … that's crazy, huh? All my posts are public, so you don't even have to friend me. You can go right to my page and look around. Feel free. Or check the Chateau Seven blog. I welcome the continuation of our connection through other doorways on the internet.

If I start a different blog, I'll post the URL here. I'm not going to delete the Gold Puppy, as I did with my first blog, the Gold Poppy. No, I'll leave it here to moulder along with other lost and forgotten blogs. It doesn't feel like I'll be in a mood to start anything new for awhile, but you never know. I can go on!

It has been a long run here! Impressive. But this river has run its course and it's time to say farewell, with lots of love.



ellen abbott said...

well Reya, I'd say I'll miss you but I won't because we are still connected. I'll be starting the 5th year of my blog in January.

ellen abbott said...

oops. OMG, my 6th year! I can't believe I've been writing it so long.

Rebecca Clayton said...

Interesting--after leaving my blogs fallow for 18 months, I'm working on posts for them. Clearly, change is in the ether.

I'm not on Facebook (there are about 80 Rebecca Claytons on there, none of them me) but if you hear from Florence Williamson over there, well, she's channeling me.

I got my current job because someone else was rather indiscreet on Facebook, so I still stick to blogs for public statements.

I so enjoy your observations and insights, and I look forward to reading/viewing whatever you do/photograph next!

Anonymous said...

That makes me sad but glad. Sad to see a chapter close but glad you are not departing the internet and closing this chapter when it is right for you. I'm changing the name of my blog and, ultimately, my web moniker since neither seem in snyc with my current reality. But I hope to keep in touch.

Barbara Martin said...

Time goes on, changes being made in the flow. Working on several internet sites can be daunting with a misuse of energy. Its best to work on the venue that feels correct, while providing a sense of creative completion. All the best, Reya. May the various levels of light provide for all your needs.

ain't for city gals said...

I don't do FB but will continue to enjoy your writing on Chateau Seven...Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

I will miss The Gold Puppy. It often helps get me going in the morning, and I thank you for it. It's funny how voices from people we don't know travel through cyberspace to become voices we love.

Tom said...

:) Reya, I do believe your blog was one of my first favorites, and you were one of my very first visitors as well. I won't miss you, because I know right where to find you! A hearty Half Moose farewell!

ShirleyAnn said...

I will miss your blog. I do not comment much, but I keep popping in to keep up with The Gold Puppy. Always interesting and thought provoking. I am not much of a blogger, mine is mostly like a journal for me so I can look back at times. I will be looking in on you on FB. Happy New Year.

Reya Mellicker said...

Thanks for all these wonderful affirmations!

Steve Reed said...

Reya, I'm sorry to see your blog go, but you're right that everything has a life span. It makes sense that your allegiance to Jake's memory would change over time, and maintaining a blog named for him does seem like an idea whose time may be past. Healing, indeed! I'll be glad to continue sharing your life on Facebook. :)