Monday, June 4, 2012

The Alchemy of this Week

When the Ecuadorian shamans came to DC, many things confused them, but not the Washington Monument. When they saw it, they said, "Oh. That's for the star people." Indeed!

Some people won't even notice the energy of this week. Tuning in to planetary configurations requires an ability to focus, to drop down deep into oneself, to listen in every way it's possible to listen.

Some people will feel the energy, but immediately create a personal story to "explain" why they feel whatever they're feeling - jumpy, energized, out of control or whatever. Still others among us will feel the energy and remind ourselves, over and over again, that this is a big moment in the sky, hence a big moment for we puny humans. No matter how high fallutin' we think we are, we are incapable of separating ourselves from the dance of the planets, I assure you. Ha. We're such a funny species, believing ourselves to exist outside of nature. How would we do that?

I've read extensively about the configurations taking place this week, taken in the interpretations expressed by my very favorite astrologers. I think of all of them, Eric Francis' Planet Waves is the best bet for a comprehensive interpretation. He is not a public astrologer; you have to pay for his forecasts, but they are top notch.

For free, you get my interpretation.

Have you read anything about the old art of alchemy, the process by which lead is transformed into gold? Isaac Newton was a passionate practitioner of the Art, oh yeah. Joseph Campbell, among others, believed the Art was metaphorical, a description of the process of human evolution. We human beings are pretty good at transforming the metaphorical leadenness of our lives into something resplendent, burnished, shining and precious.

We work so hard, each in our own way, to become "better" (whatever that means). We study, practice, delve deep into our personal issues seeking a better understanding of what holds us back. We change habits, households, jobs, vocations, relationships - all because we believe these changes will help us become smarter, more accomplished, kinder and more fulfilled.

Change is hard, but change is good. Even more important, change is inevitable. In Chinese medicine it is believed that if circumstances do not change, disease will result. Some of us tilt into change on a regular basis, others among us hang tight to what was, out of fear or because the discomfort of change is something we would prefer to avoid. Most people do a little of both, depending on the situation. 

This week, what's going on in the sky sets the stage for radical, beautiful, life-enhancing transformation. You can't sail without wind, or write without a keyboard (or pencil), etc. no matter how much you might want to, but this week, if you're meant to sail, a beautiful wind will kick up. If you're meant to write, you'll be inclined to pick up your favorite pen and get to it. If you're meant to dance, the Pandora radio algorithms will offer up the best selection of music for you.

Rise to the occasion, people! This week you can spin straw into gold.

The surfeit of creative, life-enhancing energy available this week feels dangerously exciting because it is so potent. Purification, transmutation, transformation of a very profound nature is within our reach. Open your palms, let go of what's heavy or toxic so as to receive what is rightfully your highest expression of beauty, balance and delight. You will not regret it, believe me. Digging in your heels will not help. This is a week like none other. Seize this moment, please?



jeanette from everton terrace said...

We have a crazy week here at our house. Meg is sick, she has a deep hacking cough, been going on for over a week - the worst I've ever heard. Giving in and sending her to the doc. We are all going to Vegas for a wedding she is in, then to Seattle for her graduation and packing and moving all her stuff home in the space of 4 days. I NEED this out of control energy to hit me hard. Will open my palms and invite it in.

Reya Mellicker said...

It's life enhancing energy, so potent it will roll over us.

I'm sorry Meg is sick though not surprised. She is coughing Seattle out of her body/being. And I bet a virus is also involved.

Sending you both lots of love.

Jamie said...

Back to middle ages and Renaissance 800 A.D and 1550s, alcemist has been fascinated with an idea of turning common metal into precious gold. There are lot of experiments that happened at that time.

etched glass

Anonymous said...

wonderful language; signal boosted to FB, twitter

Reya Mellicker said...

Thanks, Jamie! Very cool.

You too Patrise!

steven said...

the white rose is absolutely beautiful reya! steven

Reya Mellicker said...

Steven it is a magnolia blossom. Smelled of oranges. Delicious!

Kerry said...

I miss magnolias; we had them in Alabama. And wisteria. And gardenias. So over-the-top & lovely.

I recently read The Alchemist by...Paulo Coelho (might have the spelling wrong)...and I am reminded of it by what you say here.

Was this why I suddenly had the energy to go on a run this morning? After 2 weeks of sluggishness? And why I got it into my head to try and understand the sewing machine yet again? I just developed a pattern for an eReader cover/sleeve, made out of fabric scraps. Very unlike me.

Reya Mellicker said...

Yep, Kerry, you are dancing in shamanic alignment with the energy of this week, spinning fabric scraps into ereader covers. Well done, you!