Sunday, July 25, 2010

Anything could happen

The Library of Congress - well - part of it. This building, the Jefferson, includes the reading room, truly the most beautiful room in Washington.

In summer, the song sings itself. --William Carlos Williams

It has been so relentlessly hot, and I've been so relentlessly consumed with moving that I somehow lost my connection to the season. That is very rare for me, even when I have a good excuse. Slogging through the heinous summer afternoon yesterday, to water a friend's garden, I heart cicadas. Whoa. I wonder when that started? I heard those little tree frogs singing in a freshly watered treebox, and crickets, too. The Symphony of late summer is well underway and the dog days will be soon upon us. Where was I as the sounds, songs, chirps and cheep-cheeps began? Buried in cardboard boxes, no doubt. If had to choose a summer that perhaps it would be appropriate to ignore, the summer of 2010 is definitely a good choice. It has been terribly hot every single day since June 1. OK, maybe there's been one nice day. Oh, what am I saying? I have no idea what this summer has been like. I checked out.

What a weird summer - June crawled by, July flew. So now onwards to August, ordinarily my least favorite month of the year. Who knows? It might turn out to be great. Trying to guess what's about to transpire this summer is pointless.

I love that Jeremy Taylor quote, that improvisation is the only skill worth cultivating. Especially this summer, anything goes. At least for me.

What next? Don't ask me!

I took a snap of these two chairs during the blizzards last winter. Here it is.


Merle Sneed said...

Life is lived between the extremes.

Linda Sue said...

Yes, Reya, the summer is flying by,and who knows...Temperature has been very moderate here- lovely- getting out into it is another matter when there are demands of getting house in order...priorities are skewed.In the final years I don't think I will remember cleaning the house as much as i will have remembered tubing the river...Stay cool- go have an adventure with momma nature even if it's just for a day...the final years will thank you.Watering your friends garden might count.

Tom said...

but if i remember, you'll be getting away from the city for a bit..may the change be for the better, closer to nature

ellen abbott said...

The summer symphony has been playing here for months. I love the sounds, the cicadas and all as I slowly melt from the heat.

Susan Carpenter Sims said...

It's amazing how different my summer has been from yours. June flew and July has been dragging like a wagon with no wheels.

It's been hot at times, but never too hot, and right now it's in the 60s and raining.

And I just renewed my lease to stay in this house another year.

moonshin said...

Reading your post reminded me of one hot, Sunday afternoon that i've spent a long time ago...with my Dad. It hasn't been raining for i kept complaining to him about it, kept asking him when it's going to rain...I remembered his smiling face as he patted my head before going out the door. A couple of minutes later, i saw rain pouring outside the window. Curious, i walked to the window. Outside, i saw Dad holding a hose towards the roof of the house - making rain. "Feel better?" he smiled at me. ;)

this post, 'your summer' links me to one of my childhood memories...perhaps, this time around, its there to make you think back on all the summers that you have been through.