Saturday, May 29, 2010

Among the Living

Annapolis magnolias are just as lovely as DC mags

Part of the reason I so enjoy hanging out with ghosts is that I'm an introvert. Somehow their presence isn't as exhausting for me as being in a group of living humans. Ghostly presence is kind of like being with people who are very stoned; you can interact or not as you wish, without appearing rude.

But running with the pack is good for me, it really is. By that I mean, spending time in the company of my fellow fleshy humans. Oh yeah. Even in my dream last night I resisted the siren song of the dead. When invited into a bright white mist of partying ghosts, I said no. Believe me they made the invitation very seductive, but I resisted, stood my ground. Woke up suddenly, my heart racing.

I am liking Uranus in Aries. So far it is working for me.

Spent all day today in Annapolis, soaking up sun, doing art projects, eating and drinking and laughing with a good friend and her husband, dog and two cats. These people are seriously talented when it comes to feasting and relaxing. It was a perfect day.

Didn't leave a lot of time for blogging or reading, though. xxoo


Merle Sneed said...

That bottom photo is excellent. Sounds lie a rat time was had by all.

Janelle said...

goodness your photographs are full of LIFE and LIGHT and green! i like your ghost connections and how you share them. also happy that you've been living it up though! sending love as always from here to your there. xxx j

Cyndy said...

Beautiful! We went to Annapolis for a little boat ride and some crab cakes earlier this week. I love those old streets there.

lettuce said...

a talent for feasting and relaxing - I think I have the first, and am working on the second!

spectacular magnolias

ellen abbott said...

With the four grands here, I have just enough time to say hi!