Monday, January 26, 2009

Palms facing up

The trees have been talking to me lately, telling me in no uncertain terms that I'm Very Well Rooted and perhaps now would be a good time to extend, expand, reach out this way and that way in all directions so I'll be able to collect the sunlight that will soon be in abundance as spring arrives.

As an extreme introvert, the idea of networking, connecting with community, reaching outwards is kind of freaky, but I know that to ignore the advice of trees is always a bad idea. When I told them that extension is scary for me, they rustled slightly, as if exchanging a look. Then they told me they would be afraid not to extend their branches. No leaves, no sunlight, means death to a tree. They make a good point.

Today is Chinese New Year. Last night there was a solar eclipse in Aquarius. All the astrologers I admire say that under the influence of an eclipse, everything intensifies. An eclipse at Chinese New Year magnifies that effect. And if the eclipse is in your astrological sign - well - buckle your seatbelt.

Though I was kind of hoping for a few weeks of relative boredom after the big wow of the inauguration, secretly I'm thrilled that all signs point to changes ahead. Though my life for the last several years has been uncharacteristically stable, it has not been tremendously exciting. Last year I let go of a lot of old toxicity, making room for the new. The trees are saying that I must open my hands, (heart and mind, too) in order to actually receive the new. The Sun and Moon agree.

When the stars and planets coincide with the advice of trees, resistance is futile, no matter how scary it sounds. Time to stretch out, extend, connect. And collect sunlight as spring arrives. Oh yeah.


Tess Kincaid said...

Glorious tree pix! I've always been mesmerized by leafless trees. So change is in the air? Sounds good. said...

Great analogy about the trees!

Cheryl Cato said...

What a wonderful analogy between humans stretching out, exploring, growing and that of the trees extending, turning upward, reaching for the sun! I personally think there is a lot to be said for being "stable". If your roots are deep and wide you will be able to reach in all directions and pull in the sunlight to grow. Change can be frightening, but change is inevitable, like the seasons.
Reach, stretch, search and enjoy the challenge of growth.
I love your photographs & your thoughts!

janis said...

I let go of much too, but I am terrified of the upcoming year. I should be embracing, but I am so scared. Maybe, this will kick me in the butt the right way and get me out of my funk. I am ready..

Chris Wolf said...

I'm new to your blog. I appreciate your wisdom and analogies. As one introvert to another, it's gratifying to grow a new leaf, extend a branch in a new direction once in awhile. I'm not surprised that the time is now. Because of the feelings about the new president and "change in the air" philosophy, perhaps it's why I feel safe to cautiously feel the warmth of a new day, step into something new. I can't wait to hear what you might try to do next!

tam said...

must listen to the trees.

CocoDivaDog said...

Happy Lunar New Year to you too.
It's now the year of the Ox.
Did you know President Obama was born in the year of the Ox?

Lori ann said...

Happy Chinese New Year Reya! trees give so much don't they?! you are ready, you know?

Ronda Laveen said...

This is the perfect time to open to the light, coming out of hibernation. Thank for the invite to the poetry reading on Feb 2.

The Fibers of Life said...

Dear Reya,
You have been so brave to invite us into your thoughts. For someone who is an extreme introvert, you express yourself so beautifully. I love trees. There is something magical about them. My recent experience in the Redwood tells me that.
I just bet we'll see a few new leaves here pretty soon.

Amy said...

When we moved to Arizona this past summer, I went into shock. There aren't many trees in the desert. At least not the kinds of trees that I'm accustomed to. The ones you can crawl up and climb into and sit in their arms and listen and be listened to. I miss the trees and their wisdom.

So good to know you're listening.

Mrsupole said...

The tree picture is so beautiful as are all your pictures, but your comments are so insightful and I am just amazed at the things you share with us. 'Resistance is futile' to ever stop reading them.

Sadly the sun was shinning here today, so not sure if the storm from last night will reach you but I do hope so.

PS..thank you for pointing the way to "Willow"...both of you are amazing.

Reason said...

I love trees, they have so much to say....I love the way that even as a modern society that builds concrete sidewalks on top of their roots, they still break through. In this way the trees speak to me too. “Be strong Aaliyah, no matter what society throws onto you or what new challenges life brings, you can get through it.” Sometimes its hard to believe, but I have them as proof. We must listen. This is probably my favorite blog of yours :)

Peggy said...

Such wisdom in the trees, Reya! What a stupendous post. I love your sentiments! Glorious, change is. :-)

Coffee Messiah said...

I despise labels and also called myself an introvert at one time.

I've decided I just like to sit back and watch things, like a fly on the wall, then, when everything is nice and quiet, I can make my move.

It's worked better the last bunch of years out here. Besides, you really stick out around most people in these parts ; )

Nice post!

Have some Dim Sum too ; )

Anonymous said...

Ohh. Do trees whisper to you, too?
Quite the view on life they give. Ageless and youthful at the same time.
I love your insight. And your pictures.
Keep it coming.

The Fibers of Life said... you remember Pete Seeger's "God Bless the Grass". It is such a poignant and pertinent song for all times, but the tenacity of green growing things is amazing. Once had a plant, don't know what it was, but it insisted in growing through concrete block walls and even managed to survive in a photo darkroom. ??? How's that one? Bless all the green things big and little. Where would we be without them?

Reya Mellicker said...

Yes, Tam, I must ... and I do indeed listen to the trees. It surprised me since I think of them as sleepy during the winter. Apparently not!

Tom said...

this is your best yet , perfection ; and the tree shots are amazinger yet ... here we're still too entrenched in frozeness to even 'think' Spring , but thanks for reminding me it's just around the corner .

Rosaria Williams said...

This is liberating and deep. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, your pictures, and the connections we can make with all forces in the universe. Powerful lesson.

TheLibra said...

Always a good idea to listen to what nature is telling us! Animals usually know how to do that better than we do. I just wanted to say I've been enjoying your photographs and following your experiences through the recent inauguration. I'm new to the blogging community:

Reya Mellicker said...

Runmotman - perfection? Wow. I couldn't think of anything good to write this morning, or so I thought. Thank you!

As for listening to Mother Nature ... ummm ... what choice do we have? Nature vs. Reya, who will survive??

e said...

I hope whatever changes you make will be great for you; I look forward to seeing and reading more as things evolve. This was a thought-provoking post. Thanks.

Susan English Mason said...

This brought back a really good memory for me. Thanks.

Val said...

the trees - yes - we are surrounded by some very old wise ones. i love them x

Reya Mellicker said...

My favorite astrologer, Rob Breszny is right on my wavelength this week:

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): "The seed cannot sprout upwards without
simultaneously sending roots into the ground," says an ancient Egyptian
proverb. Keep that thought in mind as you head into the thick of your
new phase of growth, Aquarius. What part of you needs to deepen as you
rise up? What growth needs to unfold in the hidden places as you
gravitate toward the light? How can you go about balancing and
stabilizing your ascension with a downward penetration?

Bee said...

This is magical stuff. Almost all of the big things in my life have occurred in springtime.

Those tree branches look like open arms.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

i'd have never imagined that reya, oh reya was an extreme introvert.

most excellent tree shots...most excellent post...

happy earth ox

ah the annual cyber poetry slam is coming up! sweet

Reya Mellicker said...

Coffee Messiah makes a good point when he says that "introvert" is a label. Easy to get stuck in that mode.

But actually since I took the Meyers-Briggs test and learned that I'm almost always close to 100% introverted, I've been able to cut myself more slack when I get exhausted in social situations.

In other words, the label has helped me. But ... don't want to get stuck in it either.